Interpreting Pathology for Natural Health Practitioners

-The most comprehensive coverage of this topic

-So any condition you see in clinic you can feel confident in ordering a test and explaining the results to your clients

-Saving you and your client time and money by understanding which test will give you the essential health information that you need

-Plenty of examples of easy to understand explanation’s you have no trouble communicating to your clients

-Confidence in your protocols

-Better consultations by effectively and efficiently covering the essential pieces of the puzzle

-Incorporating evidence based testing into your clinical practice with ease

-Access to all new additions to the course as they become available, new diagrams, video’s and updates

-Created by a practitioner in clinical practice for practitioners in clinical practice… not some theory from a text book

  • 8 weeks webinar recordings on pathology
  • General Pathology
  • Functional pathology
  • Case Studies
  • Easy explanations with matching diagrams
  • Originally a webinar series
  • Over 6 hours of content
  • All pictures/Jpegs to explain to clients
  • From a health practitioner for a health practitioner
  • References for further information
  • Life long access including all updates for free
  • Easy to access your course whenever you like

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