Inspire My Business

What would it be like to have your business automated so the only thing you actually have to worry about is the client in front of you?

The problem is, you are a genius at what you do as a practitioner but the business side of things just simply isn't your thing.

You see all these health coaches and others out there getting in the spotlight and making their mark online and you have no idea where to start.

When you have looked around, business coaches and masterminds seem like a great idea but you don't have the budget for anything like that with how much it costs to run a clinic day-to-day.

And, after all that study you did to become the practitioner that you are, who has time to learn another thing?

I get it.

What you could do instead of worrying about where your next client is coming from and who you should listen to, is follow a step-by-step process, done in your own time, at your own pace to systematically find places in your business to easily make more money, save time and get more clients.

In INSPIRE my business 7 week course you will learn

  • How to create your business around your life, not the other way around
  • How to get the foundations of your business solid to withstand the ebbs and flows
  • How to get cashflow positive and not be scared of your numbers anymore
  • How to create money goal and achieve them
  • How to automate bookings, emails, social media and newsletters to save you time to do what you do best, see clients
  • How to find out what to delegate and create a team to help you
  • How to systemise the flow of clients to know where your next client is coming from
  • How to create your personal brand online and offline
  • How to leverage the internet so clients have access to your gifts and talents while you are asleep
  • How to create strong relationships to increase referrals without being salesy
  • How to avoid burnout in practice and maintain your 'work/life balance'

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